Protect your farm’s business revenue for when it matters most

We’ve got your back when it comes to managing your business against the risks and perils faced by agriculture.

Why choose Agvesto?

We provide bespoke Coverages to the value chain
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Crop Insurance

Protection against weather perils

Protection against yield losses

Machinery, Buildings insurance

Livestock & Aquaculture Insurance

Animal mortality, heat stress

Fish mortality, Water quality insurance

Business Protection Insurance

Revenue protection due to adverse climate events.

Our Insurance Products

We provide protection against the losses due to natural hazards using a parametric insurance product

Parametric Insurance

We bring to the producers, processors the first of its kind insurance coverages from seed to sale

Perils and Protection offered

You can cover your farm against perils: Heatwave, Drought, Hail, Flood, Wind/Hurricane

Bespoke and tailored to your requirements

Every farm is unique. We listen to each of the farmers and the insurance quote will be based on your farm dynamics as opposed to one size fits all.

Getting a quote is easy

Our quotation works seamlessly. As a farm business, you select the perils you want cover against, submit coverage needs and submit the application. Within a few hours, an indicative quote is available.

Transparent Claim process

We go back to basics of consumer service. Claim processing is no longer a black box where farmers are left to wonder for weeks and months. The payout conditions are transparent and available when we bind the contract with you. No hidden clauses.

Live support, 24-7

We are here to serve you and listen to you. Our agents are here to help your queries resolved in a timely manner.

Get an insurance quote

To quote effectively we’ll need some information about the farm and relevant documents.


Tell us about
your farm

We would like to know about your crop, production schedule and the asset you would like to protect. .


Tell us
about yourself

We would like to know about you to be able to serve A financial product to your needs. .



Proof of Identity Proof of Address Proof of land ownership .

Don’t just take out word for it

Our customers are the best source of truth. Their feedback helps us to be on our toes.

We had lost our whole crop

It was a season to forget with excessive rainfall but luckily we had protection by using Agvesto’s revenue protection and helped me to continue my business.
Jerry Smith - Cherry Farmer

Unusual weather led to crop failure

We were devastated by the unusual heavy rainfall that resulted in loss of almost all the crop. Agvesto’s Insurance Protection was timely and helped me to continue my business.
Danny Garcia - Wheat Farmer

By your side when it matters most